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The Wltoys L202 is a RC car developed by the Chinese company Wltoys.



  • Scale: 1:12
  • Size: 348 x 230 x 115 mm
  • Wheel Base: 250 mm
  • Wheelspan: 170 mm
  • Diameter of tire: 76 mm
  • Width of front wheel: 30 mm
  • Width of rear wheel: 36 mm

Vehicle Performance:

  • Speed: 60 KM/h or 37 MPH
  • Suitable to operate on flat ground, over gravel, or on grassland
  • Can be continuously operated for 10 minutes or above
  • Configurations can be upgraded
  • Remote Distance: 100m
  • Charging Time: approximately 4h
  • Car Battery: 7.4V 1800mAh
  • Transmitter Battery: 4 x AA (Not Included)
  • Car Weight: 821g
  • Ready-to-Go

Specifications: [1]

Front & rear shock size: Hole to hole 65mm, end-to-end: approx 74mm, 10mm diameter
Springs: 14mm diameter, about 8 turns in the front, about 11 turns in the rear. 35mm when mounted on the shocks.
Hex nuts: 12mm hex, 6mm thick
Hex pins: 10mm x 2mm diameter
Axle: 5mm
Battery compartment: Usable space 97mm x 38mm x 18mm maximum
Without side ridges: 97mm x 52mm x 18mm maximum

Package Includes

RTR version

Package included:

  • 1 x Model Car
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Battery 7.4V 1500mAh T-plug
  • 1 x Manual

Note: Comes with metal dog bones

Getting Started

Front wheel toe in adjustment


May need to calibrate throttle. Check the Throttle calibration part in the manual.

  1. with ESC off Turn On the transmitter
  2. Hold options button and turn on the esc when red light flashes release the options button
  3. With transmitter in neutral press 1 time the options button the green light must flash one time
  4. With transmitter at full throttle press the options (Set) button one time, the green light must flash 2 times
  5. With transmitter at full reverse press the set button again and the green light must flash 3 times
  6. Let the ESC on a few seconds and restart it.

Note: To check the transmitter throttle calibration, must be in zero not +1 or -1


Gearbox - adding grease


Recommended Modifications


The stock wheels come with 12mm plastic hex nuts. When upgrading wheels, remove the plastic nuts and transfer to the new wheels.

Video Transmitter (Vtx)

Parts & Accessories

Suggested list of parts and accessories

Replacement Parts

Wltoys Front Suspension Support Member BANGGOOD
Wltoys L202 L959 L969 L979 Speed Reduction Gear BANGGOOD


Damper - Xtra Speed Aluminum 65mm Damper Set Silver For 1:10 RC Off Road Car #XS-59578 RCMART
HSP 1:10 12mm Hub Wheel Rim & Tires For RC Off-Road Buggy BANGGOOD
FS Racing 1/10 RC Car Spare Parts 2PCS Steering Track Rod BANGGOOD

Receiver (Rx)

Transmitter (Tx)



[2] The cars really only have a few parts of major interest:

Receiver box
Electronic speed controller box (brushless L202/L212/L222 models only)
Steering servo
Steering but no forward/reverse: Motor burned out (replace), motor driver MOSFETs on receiver burned out; often happens due to water / snow / dirt (replace receiver), stripped gears in gearbox (replace gearbox).
No steering, no forward/reverse: Car not on (turn on), transmitter not on (turn on), transmitter did not bind correctly (turn both off, then both on), car or transmitter batteries dead (replace), receiver module defective (replace), transmitter unit defective (replace).
Forward and reverse are backwards (usually brushless L202/L212/L222): Swap any two wires on the ESC unit
Car stops suddenly: Battery is dead (car stops automatically to avoid overdischarge), broken receiver (replace), radio reception is poor (reorient antenna), transmitter batteries weak/dead (replace batteries), stripped gears in gearbox (replace gearbox).
Car runs for 1 minute or less and stops, turning off and on will repeat: Battery is dead (recharge battery)
Forward/reverse, no steering: Steering servo broken (replace)
Car moves forward/backward without trigger being moved: Transmitter trim is out of adjustment (adjust via trim buttons), receiver FET dying and allowing current when off (replace receiver)
Forward and steering, no reverse: Transmitter trim out of adjustment such that the car is actually in forward gear without actually moving; when car is in forward gear, reverse cannot be engaged (fix via transmitter trim buttons).
Car drifts to one side: Road is curved/crowned to one side (i.e. car follows the slope), transmitter trim is out of adjustment (use trim buttons), front tires out of alignment (steering arm can be moved in/out to different points by removing/replacing screw)
Car flips on cornering: Rear tires set too far in, car is no longer stable (move rear tires out via spacers, fatter tires, or lowering shocks). (Note: not usually an issue with stock setup and tires.)

Troubleshooting video


Adakar http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1857086&page=62