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CX-20 is a quadrotor UAV developed by the Chinese company Cheerson. Open-Source Version is a APM Based FlightController. It is the same as Hobbyking branded Quanum Nova. The Cheerson CX-20 is a full size quadcopter that's a direct alternative to other full size models, like the DJI Phantom 3.

Cheerson's CX-20


Product Name: CX-20 Auto-Path Finder
Size: 30cm×30cm×20cm
Battery: Li-po battery 2700Mah
Flight Time: Approx 15 Minutes
Radio Control Distance: 1.5KM
Built in 2.4G Antenna
GPS One Key Auto Pilot Return To Home and Land
GPS Lost Signal Auto Pilot Return To Home and Land
GPS One Key Altitude Height Position Hold
IOC Head Lock Function
Low Voltage Protection (buzzer alarm)

Package Included

  • Open Version
    • 1 x CX-20 Auto-Pathfinder RC Quadcopter
    • 1 x Transmitter
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x 2700 mah Battery
    • 2 x white CW propeller
    • 2 x white CCW propeller
    • 1 x GoPro fixed camera holder


OpenSource Version
APM 2.52 Compatible board without power sensor.
Fatshark version
Propietary FC.
Zero Version
Propietary FC.

Getting Started

User Manual:

CX-20 Manual

Replacement & Upgrade Parts


  • Original Cheerson 4x Blade Set for Cheerson CX-20
  • Phantom FC40 Phantom 2 and Phantom 3 Propellers Fits CX-20
  • GemFan 9x5-inch carbon fiber props - fits directly on motors, 8mm bore
  • Graupner E-Prop 8x5-inch - quality, balanced, 5mm bore, requires reaming to 8mm
  • FoxTech Carbon Fiber 8045 - direct fit on stock motors, DJI bore notch, 8mm bore [1]

Battery compartment

Battery size: 111mm x 33mm x 25mm Comparment size: 111mm x 44mm x 30mm would be the absolute max without modifications, you may be able to use a 5mm longer battery but only if it's also thinner so you can tuck the cables down the side

The Zippy Flightmax 2800mah 3s from Hobbyking fit perfectly with just enough space to tuck the cables away and close the flap


  • Most Alexmos gimbals for Phantom & F450 will fit
  • Turnigy Mobius 2-Axis Gimbal with Tarot Controller and AX2206 Motors
  • Quanum 3-Axis Mobius Camera Based Gimbal - Hobbyking


  • Go Professional Cases DJI Phantom - space for transmitter, batteries, charger and lots of accessories
  • ToughCase DJI Phantom - carries transmitter, battiers, charger


  • Upgrade: 3S Lipo-Changer with balancing

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